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[Mid-Autumn Moon, Happiness Together] Yicheng Automation 2021 Mid-Autumn Family Day was held!


Companionship is the longest confession, when the annual Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching, Yicheng Automation held a grand 2021 Yicheng Mid-Autumn Festival Family Day, Yicheng all colleagues with their families and friends gathered in Yicheng, sharing the joy of the harvest under the moon, sharing the moment of happiness and satisfaction.
DIY mooncake making, clowns, magic shows, bubble shows, delicious snacks and refreshments ...... The "Parent-Child Happy Zone", which is specially set up for children, has become a happy paradise for children, and mothers and fathers who are usually serious at work are now showing their warmth and softness as parents, accompanying their children to "play" and "eat" in the Happy Zone, enjoying a warm and happy parent-child time. "They enjoyed a warm and happy parent-child time.
The company arranged a barbecue for Yicheng's big friends, rich in ingredients, drinks and beer, complete with barbecue utensils ...... In less than a minute, the entire Yicheng playground was full of aroma ......
Mr. Yuan Zhenhai, chairman of Yicheng Automation, and Mr. Pan Qisheng, general manager, attended the whole event. The two leaders of Yicheng were invited to the stage several times, singing solo and chorus ...... The two leaders of Yicheng were invited to the stage several times, sang solo, sang in chorus , and delivered a speech respectively, thanking all colleagues of Yicheng and their families and friends for their company all the way, wishing everyone happy holidays and encouraging all colleagues to continue their efforts and create further success!
With the passionate live performance of the rock band and the hot songs and dances, the whole venue was turned into a sea of joy as everyone drank and danced.
In the enthusiastic atmosphere, the technical geeks, who are usually obsessed with their work, were able to shake off their usual introverted attitude and team up on the stage to sing with great enthusiasm. The band showed their professionalism and responded to the different requirements of the backing tracks.
The 2021 Yicheng Mid-Autumn Family Day came to an end in the sound of joy. As Chairman Yuan Zhenhai said, we have only the beginning, not the end, and Yicheng families will work hand in hand, always on the way to chase their dreams and create a happier and better future together.


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