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[New Era, New Youth, New Role] Yicheng Automation Volunteer Team 2021 Conghua Group Building Activity was successfully held!


In order to enhance the interaction and communication among volunteers, improve the cohesion and sense of belonging of the volunteer team and further enhance the ability of teamwork, on 11-12 September 2021, Yicheng Automation Volunteer Service Team went to Conghua to hold a two-day and one-night group building activity.
BBQ, karaoke, pool, hot spring ...... A group of like-minded and caring partners got together in a cordial atmosphere and spent a pleasant and unforgettable weekend together as a harmonious and close family.
 On the morning of 12 September, the Volunteer Team held a work summary meeting. At the meeting, Mr. Liu Huan, the leader of the volunteer team, and Miss Zhong Yanli, the deputy leader, summarised the work of the past year and commended the top five outstanding partners with the longest individual volunteer service time in 2020 and 2021 to date respectively.
 Top five in terms of personal service time in 2020: Liu Huan, Zhong Yanli, Pan Xiaoyu, Zhao Meng and Lan Yuhao.
 Top five in personal service time from 2021 to date: Zhao Meng, Zhong Yanli, Liu Huan, Pan Xiaoyu and Wang Peng.
 The volunteers have expressed that they should learn from the outstanding volunteers, strive to be the new youth of the new era and contribute more positive youth energy to the harmonious society.
The Yicheng Automation Volunteer Service Team has been established since September 2019 and has been going through two years. All members have been practicing the concept of starting from small things, starting from themselves and starting from now. In the past year on, volunteers have provided dozens of environmental hygiene cleaning volunteer services in the company, and have also gone into the community many times to provide volunteer services for community welfare activities, epidemic prevention and control, etc.
The volunteers have passed on love and warmth with their practical actions, and have also influenced and infected people around them with positive energy.
The Yicheng Automation volunteer team was formed by Yicheng partners on their own initiative. Mr. Yuan Zhenhai, Chairman of Yicheng Automation, and Mr. Pan Qisheng, General Manager of Yicheng Automation, highly appreciated the work of the volunteer team and gave great support in spirit and material.
After this group building activity, Mr. Pan Qisheng sent a special message to all the volunteer partners, encouraging them to be virtuous and steady:


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